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We offer many awards to suite various needs.

We can customize what ever you would like, or we can engrave on a traditional award.

Here are a few examples:


Recognition Pocket Plaque

Model                  Size                        Price

AP527A                 7x9                        $55.95

AP527B                 8x10                      $57.96

AP527C                 9x12                      $61.95

AP526A                 7x9                        $55.95

AP526B                 8x10                      $57.95

AP526C                 9x12                      $61.95

AP528A                 7x9                        $55.95

AP528B                 8x10                      $61.95

AP528C                 9x12                      $61.95

Recognition Perpetual Plaques

Model                  Size                        Price 


APT200C              9x12                       $75.95 (Black Plates)

APT200C              9x12                       $78.95 (Blue Plates)

APT200B              8x10                       $72.95 (Black Plates)

APT225B              8x10                       $75.95 (Blue Plates)

APT225D              12x15                    $85.95 (Black Plates)

APT225D              12x15                    $98.95 (Blue Plates)

Recognition Pocket Plate Plaques

Model                  Size                        Price

APT205A              6x8                         $53.95

APT205B              6x10                       $45.95

APT205D              10.5x13                 $81.95

Embossed Leatherette Frames

Model               Size                         Price

PF100A                 5x7                         $40.95

PF100B                 6x8                         $50.95

PF100C                 7x9                         $60.95

At Little Brook Engraving we can design and create custom plaques to suite your exact needs.  Here we have a 12 x 24 inch plaque custom designed for the Knights of Columbus

Contact us for all your engraving needs.  We create customized products to your specifications!

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