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Tom Major
334, 27th Avenue
Deux Montagnes
Quebec, Canada J7R 4J7
Hi Paul,
I got it yesterday. Very nice. Thank you very much. I will definitly do more business with you..
Thank you
Another happy customer


From Vince Love, of Vince Love and The Soul Cats

Hi Paul, I just wanted to thank you once again for creating a miracle for me. Every time I pick her up I can’t believe she is playable once again. I can remember searching all over the internet for a new plate and finding nothing then I stumbled upon your company. I had her out cleaning and adjusting her this week. You don’t know how much it means to me. God bless you for your talent. Here’s some pics for your site.

Mike from New Jersey,

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much.
I cannot believe the quality of your product.
It was a snap to install  and had more shielding on it than the original.
really exceptional work.

Hi, Paul,
I installed my new control plate on my Les Paul Recording guitar tonight.  I must say that the new one looks absolutely perfect.
You got the details just right, even the screw holes matched up!
I looked everywhere for a replacement for my broken control plate, I think you must be the only person in the country, maybe in the world,
who is able to make a dead-on replacement.    
Thank you so much!
Scott Goudeau
Nashville, TN


Hi Paul,
            Got my guitar back. The control plate you made fit perfectly as the original. The screws fit flushed with the counter sunk holes you made.  Thanks again for an awesome job.  
John Napolitano
Chicago area



From Mark Print of the United Kingdom

Hi Paul,

the bass plate arrived yesterday. It's now been lightly hand aged and fitted to a matching hard brass back plate, which hopefully should stop any future breakages around the jack socket. I've fitted it to the guitar, and it looks stunning. Thank you for a fantastic piece of work.

The customer has seen it, and says it is worth every cent.
All the very best to you,

Andrew Leslie from Australia:


I received the goods Thursday (8 Aug 13). Excellent work.

Regards LEL


Thanks Paul!!!
You made my #1 Bass like NEW again!!!
The replacement panel even has the original Gibson factory flaws! (slightly off-center engraving)
It is virtually identical. I was surprised to see the metal  adhesive shielding already in place.
Saved me the trouble!
Well worth the cost!
No doubt other "Recorder/Triumph" owners with cracked and broken control plates will be happy you offer these.
Thanks Again!
-Randall Adams


Raphael Peletey
Anibal 8 tercero primera (ultimo piso)
07800 Ibiza Baleares Spain


What a great service you give to us, Les Paul Recording owners, as the plate seems to be one of the most fragile part of this guitar. Mine has been broken for more than seven years now, and I couldn't find a replacement until I found your web page. 

The magic of internet, I guess!

Thank you

Tom Major

334, 27th Avenue

Deux Montagnes

Quebec, Canada J7R 4J7


Hi Paul,


I got it yesterday. Very nice. Thank you very much. I will definitly do more business with you..


Thank you

Another happy customer



I just wanted to thank you for the very detailed work you performed on the control plate for my 1972 Les Paul Recording guitar.  The attention to detail on the finished product was superb.   I highly recommend your engraving service for the skill, attention to detail,  and exceptional service.    

Thanks again!

Evan Geusic

Guitar Enthusiast and Restorer


Granby, Connecticut

Evan Geusic came to Little Brook Engraving with the original plate above, and two replacement plates shown below (left two plates).  The plates had the holes cut into them, but no markings were present.  Little Brook Engraving was tasked with recreating the markings around each holes, from the lettering to the small dots to indicate where a dial or switch might terminate.

This marble plate was completed using white fill for the engraved areas.  This allows the lettering greater visibility.

This black plate was engraved without the use of any color fill.  The white plastic under the black plastic allows the text to be visible.

This white plate was custom created by Little Brook Engraving.  We were able to cut the design and all holes from a sheet of plastic, as well as engrave all necessary text.

Joel Stehlik - Parker, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know I received the control plate this past Monday, and it looks great!  A perfect reproduction.  Thanks for the prompt, curteous service.

Beverly Levine, Colorado Springs, CO.

Hi Paul,
Les my boyfriend was so suprised that I found you to make the face plate and thought it was amaizing.  We took the guitar to the repair shop for instillation and I gave the shop your brochure to the repare shop for future reference.  The shop was very glad to receive the information to pass on to other customers that may need your expert services.  I hope this generates business for you.
Thanks for the great job.  No one could tell the difference between the one you made and engraved and the original.
Good job,

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the control plate.  It fit perfectly!  I'm praising your company to my friends.


Columbus Ohio

Greg Villa of California